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Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter.  You are here because you probably need me, and because I can help.

I love using marketing strategy and behavioral economics to skyrocket the growth of purpose-driven, customer-centric companies.

If you are a SaaS, B2B, tech startup with 20+ employees and need a creative and observant mind to help you solve problems around customer engagement, brand awareness and marketing strategy, then get in touch. I’ll always get back to you with a thoughtful answer.


I’ve worked in startups for over 4 years, and have developed my skills across the board. Does this make me a full-stack unicorn? Maybe. I’ve had enriching, challenging, inspiring work experiences, and enjoyed working side by side with the founding teams of Huckletree, Edgefolio and Startupbootcamp. Having won several hackathons, I’ve also worked on side-projects like Unbias. I love startups.


With a good eye for design and heaps of empathy for the actual person buying your service or product, I’m no stranger to UX, A/B testing, conversion optimisation and funnel design.

My interest in decision-making hacking, gamification and cognitive biases will help you gain unique insight into how your users and customers are making decisions about your business.

Purpose driven

As an INFJ, I am very purpose-driven. My work is deliberately geared towards making a difference, impacting people’s lives in a positive way, nurturing great relationships, and building something greater than my own existence. I often volunteer for great causes, usually connected to social injustice, human and animal rights, and mental health. This year I’m fundraising for CALM.

my strongest skills

Marketing Strategy

I advocate for thoughtfulness and thoroughness in aligning business, sales and product roadmapping with marketing strategy. I will help you understand the metrics you’re getting from your customers from a behavioral economics perspective, and add the layers you need in the marketing mix to differentiate yourself and stay ahead of the market.

Community Hacking

The voice of the customer often gets silenced by middle or top management, or distorted by incorrectly set-up tracking codes and user analytics tools. If you want to make millennials loyal to your brand, I will help you choose the right tool to track relevant behaviors, understand their motivations, figure out what makes them tick, and boost engagement in a sustainable way.

Marketing innovation

Innovation strategies in marketing depend on the type of business and type of customer. I will help you understand the psychographic profile of your users, and help you design a marketing strategy that will help you reach your goal without hurting your brand’s authenticity or your budget.

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