Fundraising for CALM

This is my first time taking part in the British 10k London Run in July and fundraising for Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity doing great work to prevent male suicide in the UK.

Suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under 45. Men are also 3x more likely to kill themselves than women, because they can’t find the support they need during that low point in their life.


CALM is fighting against this stigma around men on the brink of suicide, while helping them go through difficult times without giving up on their own life.

£7 donated = 1 life-saving call

Sometimes when you feel like shit you really wish you had someone to talk it out with. Some of us do have someone, some don’t, and others are taught not to talk with anyone about their problems.

Most common causes for unbearable sadness in men are: feeling like a failure at work or at home (37%), money issues (33%) and the sudden loss of a family member (31%). (YouGov)

CALM has an entire fleet of wonderful fellas ready to chat with anyone succumbing to sorrow. With a donation of only £23 you can make sure there’s always someone there to take phone calls during one’s darkest hour.

No matter what the problem, contemplating suicide is not the answer. However, 42% of men of all ages have had suicidal thoughts, and some seriously considered it to be an option.

And still, when it happens, everyone is in shock. Why? Because nobody saw it coming, because nobody heard anything about it. Men are taught not to open up.

You CAN stop someone’s best friend, lover, son or brother from taking his own life. CALM received 40,000 calls last year, and working hard to raise awareness and encourage men to talk more about what’s on their mind.

90% of men admitted that receiving support from someone they trust and respect stopped them from committing suicide.

I think there’s a lot of pressure on us all, and we are all different in the way we handle things. We all have our breaking points. It’s got nothing to do with wealth, influence, intelligence. It’s all about feeling like life matters and it’s worth living.

I can’t imagine the unconsolable grief knowing I’ve lost a family member or a dear friend to suicide. As a daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend, I am proud to support CALM. Help me achieve my fundraising goal by donating today.

my training and fundraising journey

Why am I doing this?

My inspiration

I was inspired to fundraise for CALM by my boyfriend who lost his brother to suicide a couple of years ago.

I remember he bought two tickets for “This will end badly” – a play about male depression and suicide. Part of the proceeds from that show went to CALM, and that’s how I learned about this charity.

That was for our second date. And yes, it brought us closer together, as I learned more about his brother and what led him to suicide. I believe it’s a cause worth fighting for.

2 more reasons

Two of my best friends attempted suicide. My dad’s brother committed suicide. As a friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and woman I am proud to support CALM, and I’m grateful for your donation. Anything counts because everything matters.

I also think CALM is doing a fantastic job spreading the word and encouraging more men to open up and talk about their problems. CALM is currently running the #mandictionary  campaign, challenging perceptions around manliness and vulnerability.

I can see myself now
after all these suicide days and nights,
being wheeled out of one of those sterile rest homes
by a subnormal and bored nurse
there I am sitting upright in my wheelchair
almost blind, eyes rolling backward into the dark part of my skull
looking for the mercy of death
Isn’t it a lovely day, Mr. Bukowski

The Last Days Of The Suicide Kid, By Charles Bukowsky

Thank you, friend